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Cashew Packaging Machines
Cashew Packaging Machines insure a malleable packing and is featured with aspirator so as to ensure purity and hygiene. These can also insure metal detection and delivered increased output.
Automatic Cashew Machines
Automatic Cashew Machine is widely relevant in food processing industry for cutting and shelling of cashews in various sizes. Well-known for its supreme throughput and strong construction, this range has hassle free operation as well as power efficiency.
Rotary Cashew Cooker
We are offering a wide range of sturdy Rotatory Cashew Cooker, which are extensively used in many industrial sectors for various purposes. Our prestigious clients can access this heavy duty system in different specifications.

Cashew Grading Machine
Cashew grading machines are essential equipment in the cashew processing industry, used to sort cashews into various sizes based on quality and standards. These machines use advanced technologies to ensure accurate grading and are available in various sizes and capacities to meet industry needs.
Cashew Color Sorter
Provided high-quality Cashew Color Sorters are maintenance free products of simple operation. These have high speed ejector valves and Color LCD Touch screens. These are offered with hygiene as well as operational fluency.
Cashew Conveyor
Our cashew conveyor is a vital piece of equipment in cashew processing that transports raw cashews to different processing units. Made of high-quality materials, our conveyor ensures durability and reliability, and is available in various sizes and capacities to meet industry needs.
Cashew Vacuum Frying Machine
Cashew vacuum frying machines are specialized equipment used in cashew processing that utilize a low-pressure environment to fry cashews. This process ensures that the cashews retain their natural color, flavor, and nutrients, resulting in a healthier and tastier product.
Cashew Scooping Machine
Cashew scooping machines are essential in the cashew processing industry as they help in separating the cashew kernels from the outer shell. They are designed to scoop and collect the cashew kernels from the shelling machines, thereby saving time and labor costs in the processing line.
Raw Cashew Carrying and Curing Trolley
We offer raw cashew carrying and curing trolleys, which are used to transport and cure raw cashews in the processing industry. These trolleys are made of high-quality materials and are designed to handle heavy loads of up to 200-250 kg. 
Husk Cleaning Machine
Husk cleaning machines are essential equipment in the cashew processing industry. They provide efficient removal of husk and foreign particles, resulting in a high-quality product with improved shelf life. Benefits include improved product quality, increased efficiency, and reduced labor costs.
Tin Filling Machine
Tin filling machines are commonly used in the packaging industry for filling tin containers with various products such as food, chemicals, and cosmetics. These machines are efficient and accurate, ensuring that the contents are filled to the desired level, resulting in a consistent and high-quality product. 
Nitrogen Filling & Packing Machine
Nitrogen filling and packing machines are designed to provide a controlled environment to pack and preserve products. Features include adjustable filling levels, high-speed operation, touch-screen interfaces, and the ability to pack various products. They also improve the shelf life of the packaged product.
Cashew Metal Detector
Cashew Metal Detectors are beneficial in the cashew processing industry as they help to ensure the safety of the product by detecting and removing any metal contaminants that may be present in the cashews. The use of metal detectors can help to improve product quality and customer satisfaction. 
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